Best Lawn Mower Under 300 (In 2021)

Best Lawn Mower Under 300

Trying to get your hands on the best lawn mower under 300 dollars can be rather the difficulty. You clearly do not want to spend too much, but underspending could risk you ending up with a tool that’s not fit for your yard care. In this short article we’ve assembled a few of our favorite lawn mowers under $300 that ought to meet your quality requirements as well as your budget plan. We also explore what you ought to try to find in spending plan lawn mowers.

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Best push mowers under 300 list.


Discovering a mower under $300 isn’t as easy as you may think. You require to do your research in order to understand what you’re trying to find. You need to consider various elements such as running time if it’s batter powered, how big the blade span is and the size of the lawn mower itself.

Here’s a list of the 5 best lawn mowers under $300.
Greenworks 25322.

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This includes an outstanding quality battery and if you’re a fan of Greenworks products, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s compatible with other tools. You’ve got an option of mulching or bagging your cuttings, and you can get up to 400 square meters on a single charge.

The Greenworks 25322 has a 16 inch cutting deck and you can change the height that you cut in between 1-1/4 and 3-3/8 inches in height. Overall this is a high quality lawn mower from greenworks that we’re actually satisfied with.
Sun Joe MJ401C Lawn Mower.

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This design from Sun Joe is an excellent mower that’s well suited to smaller sized to medium-sized lawns– and not just your average Joe! It’s still easily usable for larger lawns thanks to its 28 v rechargeable battery than can cut up to 1/4 of an acre per charge. It’s safe to utilize thanks to it’s detachable security key, this means no unexpected starts to stress over.

The push to start button makes it easy to use and the battery indication is very handy. You can adjust the cutting height of the mower which works, and you also get a complete guarantee for 2 years. This is an outstanding option from Sun Joe and we ‘d suggest it for anybody searching for excellent lawn mowers under 300 dollars.
Worx WG779 Lawn Mower.

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Something that we like about this mower is that a single charge can cut up to 5,500 square feet of yard. Not to mention the truth it’s good and light-weight, at just over 35 pounds you should not have a hard time to get this around your garden. When it comes to discharging, you can choose for it to be bagged, mulched or discharged from the back.

This mower has dual power share batteries at 20V each outputting an overall of 40V of power. The double port battery charger makes it good and easy to charge them too. It’s easy to begin thanks to a push button which indicates say goodbye to cables! Finally a cool touch is the battery level sign which allows you to keep an eye on how much juice the mower has actually left. In general this is a great lawn mower with an excellent battery life.
PowerSmart DB8621S Lawn Mower.

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This has a large installed 18 gal with simple release container. This is fantastic for bagging the grass you cut. The 3 in 1 performance likewise allows you to release clippings to the side or mulch. The steel deck like the other mowers in this article is 21 inches in size. The mower is nice and simple to begin due to the simple pull performance.

The 5 position height change indicates you can cut whatever is in front of you. Consisting of overgrown turf and weeds that single height mowers might deal with. The adjustable height ranges in between 1.18 inches and 3 inches.

It’s 8-inch hind wheels will assist you navigate this mower with ease around even the most obstacle-ridden garden. This is a gas powered self-propelled lawn mower and is relatively light in weight weighing simply 76 lbs. This contributes to the simple maneuverability of this mower.
Backyard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

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This outstanding self-propelled mower comes with a 159cc gas-powered engine. The front wheel drive helps speed things up and is assisted by the single speed transmission.

We ‘d recommend using this on small to medium sized yards, it’s lightweight and the quite big (8 inch) wheels make is great to move. You get mulching in addition to side discharge alternatives. In general this is a fantastic quality self-propelled lawn mower for the money.
Finest Self Propelled Mower Under $300.

We consider the Powersmart DB8621S to be our premier self propelled lawn mower under the 300 dollar mark. This is down to a variety of it’s features but include it’s 3 in 1 discharge capability, lightweight and easy to use design.
Finest Push Mower Under $300.

When it comes to push mowers we discovered the 25322 to be our favorite option from Greenworks. In general it’s a great quality mower that provides outstanding battery life, various discharge alternatives and a variety of cutting heights.
Discovering a lawn mower Under $300.

lawn mowers under 300 dollars buyers guide.


Finding a great lawn mower can be quite challenging. Specifically on a spending plan and if you’re just beginning and do not know exactly what you’re looking for. In this section of the post we bring you a purchasers guide so you understand precisely what to search for when searching for a mower for 300 dollars or under.
Considerations for Buying a Cheap Lawn Mower.

When trying to find a new lawn mower of any type and spending plan, you require to take into account a variety of considerations. Doing so will help prevent you jumping into a quick buy which you may regret further down the line. In this area of the purchasers guide we will check out some of the considerations you require to make prior to purchasing your new shiny mower.

If you’re in the marketplace for mower under 300 dollars, you’ll want to find one that ticks all the boxes. One reader who has actually been a routine user of poor quality lawn mowers, contacted us to say they find themselves in the market for a various model year on year. This is most likely a fairly typical issue amongst people who’ve acquired poor quality lawn mowers, and one that’s simpler to alter than you ‘d anticipate.

If you don’t know much about lawn mowers, how are you supposed to understand if you require a corded electric, gas-powered or self-propelled lawn mower? Let’s begin fundamental; you’ll desire a lawn mower that you’re able to start and will run well whenever. You ought to also consider the cutting height adjustment alternatives. This is due to the fact that it will provide the ability to cut lawn at varying heights.

Let’s face it; a full lawn of yard isn’t a job that’s going to take simply 2 minutes. Part of excellent yard care includes routinely cut grass. Not to mention, if you’re unlucky, you may have a popular development of weeds it sometimes makes it hard for your mower to manage them. The issue some people’s lawns are long, and if you keep it that way, the job is made a lot more tough and will take more work.
Push Mower Vs Self Propelled.

You need to think about whether you’re looking for a push mower, or one that pushes itself. If you have hilly surface self-propelled mowers are fantastic for taking the strain out of mowing them. If you have flat yard and consider yourself healthy, a lightweight push mower must trigger you no concerns.
Storage Space.

Among the very first considerations you need to consider is your available storage area. This is one of the things that it frequently overlooked by those that haven’t owned a mower before. If you have a garden shed that’s dry and protected with enough space then this is a terrific location to store your lawn mower.

We would never suggest storing this outside in your backyard. Some individuals think that just because they put a cover over the top of their mower it’s fine to store it outdoors. This is certainly not the case as you ‘d be surprise about how easily water can discover its method past lawn mower covers.
Not to mention the security threat of saving costly assets openly in your yard.

This becomes easy prey for prospective thief’s and you will find that numerous house insurer do not pay for goods that weren’t saved firmly.

It’s for this reason that we always advise keeping your lawn mower hid somewhere dry however also secure when it’s not in use. As we discussed earlier if you’ve got a safe shed this would be perfect or if you’re fortunate enough to have a garage that would work too.
Yard Size.

You need to think about just how much ground you’ll be covering when cutting. Not to mention how often you’ll require to be cutting your yard. If you only have a small trimming area and you’re strong mower weight will not be too much of an issue. If you have a large area which requires to be mowed frequently the weight of the mower ends up being more of a concern.

The lighter lawn mowers are, the easier they navigate your garden and are more easy to steer for you. For that reason the weight of the mower is perfect for those of you who worry about your strength and control of the mower.
Power Source.

Obviously like when purchasing any lawn mowers you need to consider how they’re powered. Two typical power sources for mower are gas powered and electric lawn mowers. If you’re looking for an electrical lawn mower we advise looking for one that comes with a good battery. This indicates instead of stressing over electric cables while you’re cutting you can do so entirely cord totally free.
However, you do need to make sure that your battery is constantly charged prior to use.

You don’t wish to find yourself lingering to utilize the mower since you forgot to charge it after the last time you utilized it. Alternatively some battery powered lawn mowers feature two batteries. This allows you to make sure that one is constantly kept charged so if the other runs out of power you have a reserve.

When it pertains to gas powered mower they’re quite self explanatory. You do not require to stress over the battery life of the mower as it’s powered by its fuel tank. However, the drawback of this energy source is you need to ensure you have gas on hand to fuel it. If a lawnmowers fuel or gas goes out, it’s successfully useless without a refuel. It’s also worth keeping in mind that lawn mowers gas is the specific same things you put in your automobile and not exactly low-cost. If you use a gas mower, it’s likewise crucial to consider the ecological impact of use. A gas lawn mower will produce hazardous fumes during use, so if you’re a regular user it might be more environmentally friendly for you to buy an electrical mower.

Powering your lawn mower from your electric supply is considered more eco friendly than using gas. If you have an electric mower, you aren’t always likewise constricted by a cable. A cordless electrical mower is a great investment for those of you who wish to be a bit more environmentally friendly, reduce gas usage and go cable totally free. When it pertains to electrical, the best lawn mowers will be powerful and non restrictive. You can still attain these accomplishments with corded electric however might need a long extension cable television.
Stay with Your Budget.

If you’ve set this budget plan then it’s probably for good factor. It’s easy to get tempted to go higher than your initial price range when you see the features of more pricey mowers. Do not be lured by this! You can get some excellent quality lawn mowers that are well within your cost range. This is specifically true if you consider which season you’re purchasing your new lawn mower. We wrote this guide which must help you find the best season to get a good deal on a new mower.

Similar to any expensive purchase, you need to know that if all of it fails you’re backed up financially. Make sure you look out for a good warranty on your lawn mower. The last thing you desire is to be hit with costly repair expenses after spending for a brand-new lawn mower. Do your research study and search for a mower with a great guarantee.

You might not be lucky enough to find something with a cash back guarantee for this price variety but if you can that’s fantastic too. Lawn mowers are complicated and made up of different components and moving parts. Ultimately you require to make certain that you’re covered for any faults that occur after making your purchase.
Features to Lookout for.

These can consist of things such as the drive settings. This includes the power into the wheels which helps mower press themselves. You ought to consider whether you select front or rear wheel drive mowers. As a general rule of thumb front wheel drive lawn mowers are great for steering. Rear wheel drive lawn mowers tend to give you a bit more press making them more suitable for hilly surface.
Speed and Ease of Pushing.

You must also think about the speed settings on your lawn mower. This is essentially the quantity of power driven through the wheels affecting how rapidly your lawn mower pushes itself. You will find single speed designs are most likely to be your most inexpensive alternative. Variable speed self moved mowers are most likely to be more matched to unequal terrain or where different levels of power are needed. Self-propelled lawn mowers are great for people who might have a hard time pushing lawn mowers. So if you’re looking for something you’ll be comfortable using in your years to come a self-propelled option might be sensible. Often self-propelled lawn mowers make such a big distinction, users do not wish to return to a routine push mower. It’s worth keeping in mind self-propelled lawn mowers are frequently gas, and definitely isn’t a common feature of corded electric lawn mowers (atleast not yet).
Cutting Deck and Cutting Heights.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you need to also consider the cutting deck you opt for. A steel or alliminuim deck is likely to be more long lasting and robust, that stated it will make it heavier. Some mowers include study plastic choices which can be a good alternative if you require a lighter design. You ought to also take note of cutting width. The cutting width describes the width you can cut in a single stripe, clearly the larger the cutting width the more lawn you cut per length.

Also think about whether you want to have the ability to change the cutting deck. The very best lawn mowers typically have choices to change the cutting heights and this enables you to deal with your specified length if you need to. You may see that the most inexpensive mower don’t have the luxury of this alternative, that stated if you do not need to adjust the cutting heights then this shouldn’t be a huge issue. If you want the very best yard adaptability adjustable cutting height is a suggested task.
Turf Clippings and Disposal.

It would assist if you also considered what occurs to lawn clippings. Typically most find themselves bagging lawn while some offers mulching abilities. If your mower consists of another technique of clipping disposal, then you definitely have more flexibility. When cutting a small yard, bagging might be the most effective option. It’s constantly nice to have the alternative of dealing with turf via mulching or side discharge ought to you get tired of getting rid of the clippings when bag capacity is complete. Typically mowers feature several alternatives so mulching and side discharge doesn’t need to be equally exclusive. If you find bagging takes excessive energy and time mulching supplies a more effective option for large lawns.

You need to be prepared to put your lawn mower together. This is specifically real if like most people these days you buy your mower online. The mower will absolutely not can be found in one piece and you require to be confident that you can put it together.
This is why it helps to check out consumer evaluations online and lookout for something easy to put together.

These can be created in simply a matter of minutes and you’ll be ready to start mowing before you understand it. This suggests clearly set out instructions and a simple style.

If you’re not positive in putting one together fear not. You’ll be amazed at how easily they can be assembled. Many of them just involve unfolding the handle and including a couple of bolts. We suggest doing a fast search online with the design name you’re searching for and its’ assembly. You should have the ability to find details from the experiences of others. This need to you help you comprehend how easily this particular design can be assembled.
Things to Avoid with Budget lawn mowers.

Now that you understand some of the factors to consider you ought to be making, it’s time to explore what you shouldn’t look for in a lawn mower. Below we’ve got some points which need to assist you avoid a purchasing decision you regret.
Watch out for Very Low Prices.


As the age old saying goes, if it sounds too great to be true it generally is. If you’re taking a look at mower with really low price tags you should make certain to examine what they retails for with other shops online. If the costs are worlds apart you may find that you’re on a scam site.

Alternatively if you’re buying it from a seller locally you may find this is taken products. Everyone loves a lot however if you’re paying less than half the initial retail price alarm bells start sounding. The very same gets a used lawn mower; if it appears too inexpensive it may have been heavily utilized and have technical problems. If you are buying used make sure you evaluate thoroughly before buying.
Poor Quality.

If your lawn mower arrives and you’re instantly questioning the quality that’s not an excellent sign. If you’re concerned that the lawn mower is low quality, not what you anticipated or does not match the advertised image send it back. Even when trying to find mower under 300 dollars, you need to make sure that you get good value for cash. If you pay out for a new mower that feels cheap and lightweight it’s most likely finest you avoid it.
Poor Reputation.

You require to consider the reputation of the brand name you’re buying from. This is the case for any purchase you make. If you’re buying an item from a brand name you’ve never ever heard of we suggest doing your research study initially. Lots of producers provide lower rates but in return you aren’t getting a household brand name.

If you’re suspicious about the business ensure you look for reviews of the very same product online. Some companies may note mower under 300 dollars, but their actual market price is far greater. Prevent these like the pester! Carrying out a fast search online can assist you evade a bullet in the long run.
Last Thoughts and Conclusion.

Hopefully this post needs to enable you to find the very best lawn mower under 300 dollars for your specific requirements. One concern you should seriously consider is to gas, or not to gas?

Offered the existing state of our climate, it is necessary we’re as environmentally conscious as possible. As we mentioned gas isn’t always the most friendly method to deal with your yard care. That stated, gas frequently comes hand in hand with a high powered engine and is developed for commercial usage– often the popular alternative for gardening experts. Do remember you may have the ability to get electric lawn mowers that are perfect for your needs. Ultimately gas must be used by those who need it, and not for the sake of having a high-powered gas lawn mower.

You can get your hands on an outstanding lawn mower for under 300 dollars if you understand where to look. Not just where you likewise need to understand precisely what it is you’re searching for. If you follow the factors to consider laid out above you need to have no trouble discovering an excellent quality lawn mower.

You must now have a good understanding of what to search for in low cost mower. With your new found knowledge you must have no trouble discovering a great lawn mower which will serve you for several years to come. For additional information on lawn mowers check out this useful Wiki post.