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Lawn Care - Grow Your Own Perfect Lawn

Lawn care is as vast a subject as the millions of acres of grass spreading across America and increases to grow in importance as contractors and others develop an additional two-million acres of residential properties each year.

There is so much Grassland so it can't be difficult - or is it?

At first look, lawn care would appear to be a simple subject, focusing on how to keep the grass growing green or greener than that “on the other side of the fence” . But today’s consumer is faced with a multitude of lawn care choices that range from seeding to weeding, growing to mowing, minimal care to meticulous care.

However you cut it, lawn care is an on-going commitment to a small plant that grows in your landscape. Still, with the right strategy, you can minimize your lawn care time and still make your lawn an affordable, attractive, and functional addition to your property whether it’s as small as the boulevard that separates your sidewalk from the street or it spreads over several acres of ground.

If you are looking for a quick removal of the pesky vagrants use the Whole control. This concentrate is sprayed directly into the areas where armadillos, moles, voles, gophers, and other burrowing animals are digging.

Make a plan of attack - Know your Soil - Plant the right Grass

Begin your lawn care plan from the ground up. Either a lawn care specialist or, in some areas, your county extension agent can run a simple soil test that tells you the composition of your soil. Even if you have an existing lawn, a soil test can save you hundreds of dollars by giving you an indication of not only what type of seed to plant, but also what you need to do (and in some cases not to do) in order to grow an attractive lawn.

For example, clay based soil needs less watering than sand based soil. However, it may need more aeration and possibly a different seed mix.

Arm yourself with information.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic lawn care vs. chemical lawn care?

  • Learn what grass seed grows best in your area and where to find it.
  • Learn what weeds are most difficult to control and investigate the methods you have available to control them.
  • How low should you set your mower in the spring… in the fall?
  • To fertilize or to compost (or both)? That’s one of the questions. When is another!
  • What can you do yourself and who’s available to help?
  • What equipment and tools do you need to get the results you want to achieve?
  • What is the cost of lawn care tasks that you might want professionally done?
  • What features and furniture will improve both the look and functionality of your lawn?

Once you’re armed with information, you’ll see that lawn care doesn’t have to be an uphill battle! You can plan an effective step-by-step strategy that makes working on your lawn as satisfying as looking at your results!

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