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Relaxing With an Automatic Lawn Mower

Back in the 1950’s, scientists promised us a rosy future where machines and robots would do all the work. Well, here we are 50 years later and we still have many of the same household tasks – without the benefit of robots to do them for us. Hold on though – there is a new robot on the market – the automatic lawn mower.

So of course it is fun but these neat pieces of technology actually are becoming serious options if you are not the lawn mowing type. This technology is improving by the day.

There are a number of companies making this new gadget. The idea is great – sit back and relax while the automatic lawn mower does all the work for you. These devices are battery powered and depend on an array of sensors to tell it where to cut. How does it work in practice though?

The RoboMower (made by Friendly Robotics) is a compact unit that weighs in at about 50 pounds. It is powered with rechargeable lead-acid batteries that add an additional 28 pounds to the unit. This automatic lawn mower can run for about 3 hours before needing a re-charge, and re-charge time is about 24 hours.

The RoboMower automatic lawn mower is designed to cut lawns of average size and shape. It can handle gentle inclines, and the electric motor is virtually silent. It stays within on your lawn by sensing a cable that must be place around the perimeter. There are many built-safety features that allow you to operate it worry-free.

The RoboMower automatic lawn mower cuts the lawn in a criss-cross pattern to ensure that the entire lawn is covered. The grass is cut from several angles which is healthier for the lawn than just cutting from one side. The mower has a built-in mulching system that allows the lawn to benefit from the nutrients found in grass clippings.

Another company that makes an automatic lawn mower is Zucchetti. They make the Ambrogio lawn mower that has several features the RoboMower lacks. This mower has a charging station that can stay in an unobtrusive part of the lawn permanently. It can be programmed to mow the lawn whenever you want – when the battery gets low, the unit automatically goes back to the charging station.

This is truly a set-it-and-forget-it automatic lawn mower. It has sensors that detect when the lawn is moist, and will wait until the grass is dry before cutting it. It stays within an area set by a perimeter cable or small fence.

These automatic lawn mowers are truly a wonderful invention. Now all we need is the automatic maid, the automatic cook, and the automatic window washer to make the 1950’s utopian future come true.

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