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Your Guide To Mulching

Mulching is an important method to keep your lawn healthy. Like all living organisms, grass needs nutrition, and it can get that nutrition from the grass clippings that are returned to your lawn.

Mulching also protects your lawn by spreading a layer of material over the soil. This keeps and moisture and prevents soil erosion. As the clippings break down they provide fertilizer for your lawn.

There are many mulching mowers on the market today. They feature special mulching blades that chop the grass clippings into fine pieces before spreading them over the lawn. Mulching reduces the amount of fertilizer you need to spread on the lawn and also saves you the trouble of raking up the grass clippings.

With all this going for it, why doesn't everyone mulch all the time? There can be some drawbacks with too much mulching. One of the side effects of excess mulching is thatch - a layer of grass stems and roots that can gradually accumulate. If the thatch becomes too thick your lawn will have to be de-thatched - removing the thatch with a garden rake or power de-thatcher.

It's a good idea to mulch your lawn during dry spells and heat waves. Mulching can also be done after fertilizing the lawn. You should collect the grass clippings when you notice an accumulation of mulch or thatch.

Some mowers give you a choice of discharge options. Three in one models allow you to bag the clippings, discharge them from the rear or side, or mulch the clippings. These mowers are ideal for a variety of conditions and allow you to avoid mulching when needed.

Mulching is great for your lawn but you don't want to do it all the time. Mowers that give you an option between mulching and discharge may cost a little bit extra, but can save you money and headaches down the road.

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