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Super Mulching With a Ninja Mulching Blade



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Super Mulching With a Ninja Mulching Blade

Mulching has a lot going for it. It fertilizes your lawn, reduces landfill space and saves collecting lawn clippings. While there are many mulching lawn mowers on the market today, only Snapper mowers have the patented ninja mulching blade - one of the best mulching blades available.

For mulching to be most effective, the grass clippings need to be chopped into fine pieces. The special design of the ninja mulching blade reduces the clippings to almost dust. The small particle size allows the clippings to settle deep into the lawn where they are quickly broken down into nutritious fertilizer.

The ninja mulching blade can be used on both push and riding mowers. Kits are available to convert both side discharge and rear discharge mowers into mulching lawn mowers. Thanks to these kits, even older models can be used as mulchers.

The ninja mulching blade is specially constructed of high-grade steel. It is a one-piece blade with a V-shape on each end. This effectively gives it four cutting surfaces which pulverizes the clippings until they are fine powder. This is the secret to effective grass mulching - the fine clippings break down much faster providing fertilizer for your lawn while avoiding thatch build up.

Thatch is a tangle of grass stems and roots which covers the surface of the soil. If it builds up to much it must be removed by raking or using a power thatch removal tool. The main cause of thatch is excessive mulch which causes too much moisture to remain in the soil. Mulching mowers that don't chop the clippings is finely as the ninja mulching blade does are the main culprits in thatch build up.

Lawns that are cut with mowers that don't use the ninja mulching blade cannot be mulched every time. The grass clippings must be collected occasionally to avoid the problem of thatch. The ninja mulching blade, however, can be used every single time you cut your lawn. This is a great savings in labor and money spent on garden debris pickup services.

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