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A Guide to Mulching Mowers



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A Guide to Mulching Mowers

Mulching Mowers - Steps Toward Organic Lawn Care

The core principles

Lawn clippings can provide valuable nutrition for your lawn. Mulching mowers can cut the clippings into fine pieces which makes it easier for your lawn to break them down. Mulching makes good environmental sense - less garbage goes into the landfills and you reduce your needs for fertilizers.

The Natural Composting Process

Many municipalities now prohibit throwing out grass clippings and other biodegradable garden debris. Mulching mowers reduce the need to collect and throw out grass clippings. By using a mulching more you make grass cutting an easier job (no raking) and is no need to hire a company to remove the clippings.

Options to Discover

There are many mulching mowers on the market today. Some give the option of choosing the type of discharge -side, rear or mulching. These three in one mowers are ideal for every cutting situation. There may be times when you want to collect the garden debris instead of mulching.

Is there such a thing as "Over Mulching"

If mulching is such a great thing for your lawn, why not do it all the time? Too much mulching can lead to the development of thatch - a thick layer of grass stems and roots. Thatch is detrimental to your lawn, and if it builds up it has to be removed by raking or with a special thatch remover power tool. Mulching mowers that give you an option between mulching and collecting allow you to do just the right amount of mulching.

How much mulching should you do? That depends on the weather and the season. Mulching should be done during dry spells in hot weather because it helps keep moisture in the soil. At other times of the year, mulching mowers can be used half the time.

More about the Special Blades

Mulching mowers have special blades that chop the grass repeatedly until it is in small pieces. They leave your lawn looking great without the need to collect the clippings. Well-designed mulching mowers do not leave any clumps of grass and give your lawn an attractive “vacuumed” look.

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